Dr. Bill Toth is an Author, Father, Speaker. Since 1988, thousands of people have enjoyed the warmth, wit and dynamic presentation style of Bill's business, wellness and personal development seminars. He has an unrivaled ability to distill complex concepts into simple powerful strategies which can be immediately applied for measurable results. In 1999, after nearly 12 years, Dr. Toth sold his medical practice and relocated to Texas. Currently, he and his wife devote their full attention to inspiring and developing ordinary people into extraordinary leaders. Passionately committed to contribution and living with intention, they believe daily reading, reflection, exercise, and prayer are absolutely essential components of a happy, healthy, and significant life.



The Rev. Justin A. Lindstrom is the founding minister of Saint Aidan's Episcopal Church. Justin is a missionary, focused on the growth of people, love of people, and support of people especially families. Justin was a youth minister for 12 years working with families before starting Saint Aidan's. Justin is a dynamic leader and effective communicator. As a graduate of Texas Lutheran University with a Secondary Education certification and a graduate of the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest, Justin has a broad education. With a family of his own, and experiences with other families, combined with an energetic presentation you will be sure to leave this workshop able to live with intention in your own life and the life of your family.



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